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Thanks to Joel Metzger who recently added me as a 'Preferred Voice' for his production company Ice Box Logic!

Continuing to parlay my project management skills from a previous life to producing for The Blank Theatre's 'Living Room Series'. The most recent experience being Producer on Annabelle Gurwitch's workshop production of her new one-woman show, 'I See You Made an Effort', based on her book of the same title. You may remember Annabelle from 'Dinner & a Movie', Seinfeld or Boston Legal. Hilarious show!

Recently voiced a submission to the Effie Awards for a major American Car manufacturer, after having voiced their sales training videos for a particular model they were focused on this year. Additionally, voiced videos describing the various disciplines available in the Masters in Social Work Program offered by the University of Southern California.

 "HEROES: 50 Stories of the American Spirit", by Novelist & Columnist Lenore Skomal is still available on amazon.com & audible.com. A book of essays from interviews Lenore conducted with family, friends & colleagues of ordinary people who did extraordinary things on 9/11. Having grown up in the shadow of those towers, it meant a great deal to narrate this book.

 Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life. ~ Confucius

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Current Projects

Voiceover - 'Heroes': 50 Stories of the American Spirit
Author & Columnist Lenore Skomal www.lenoreskomal.net/
interviewed family & friends of those who gave their lives and those who risked theirs and survived on 9/11. Lenore crafted the interviews into essays about 50 of these Heroes ~ these are their stories. Now available on www.audible.com
Theatre - It Was A Dark & Stormy Night
1940's Radio Show Murder Mystery
Theatre - 'Survival Strategy'
Written by three time Young Playwrights Festival Winner Nicole Acton ~

What’s the difference between a victim and a survivor?  Maybe it’s the way one deals with their scars.

Theatre - Flipping The Bird
A mother, father, and their daughters enjoy an awkward meal as the mother devolves into madness during Thanksgiving dinner.

 Written by Nicole Dominguez & Lauren Stone; Directed by Jason Weiss ~ Studio C Artists
Commercial/Television - Incredible Crew
America's Got Talent Host put together a group of Teen Actors who create hilarious sketches.  Aired just after Easter of 2013...the 4th graders I read to told me so when I walked in the door after their Spring Break!


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